Pearl Hunter

Pearl Hunter 1.0

Pearl Hunter 1.0 is a game in which you´ll have to dive to collect pearls (See all)

Pearl Hunter 1.0 is a game in which you´ll have to dive to collect pearls. You guide a pearl diver that must collect a certain number of pearls in order to advance between levels. For doing so, you must click with your mouse to the point where you want the diver to swim to and collect the pearls from the oysters. Some oysters will be in hard to reach places, so you´ll have to correct your diver´s course in order to get them. You will have to avoid sharks, because if they catch you, your health indicator will decrease. When it goes completely down, the game is over. Some oysters will produce pearls more than once, so you must come back in order to pick them when they´re ready. The oysters about to produce a pearl will have a white light on it. At the end of each level you will see an arrow with a pearl on it. You must reach that banner once you collected the requested number of pearls, in order to go to the next level. This game has two modes (Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit chapters), with 28 levels.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s fun
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